Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ask The DOC: Sex Advice

Question 1.Ok so say I do have sex with my best friend. Ok, neither of us have any STDs. The question is..... Could we get HIV from shooting "loads" into each others mouths/asses? I'm talking over a period of time with neither of us having sex with someone else. If this happens I don't want him or myself using condoms, just lube.

Answer: If neither of you have any STD's then you can't give any thing to each other.If you trust him not to cheat on you with someone else, then bareback sex is much more fun!But my Advice always use condom when you are not 200% sure....

Question 2. I am 20 years old. When I started masturbating, I used to experience a tight erection but ejaculated within five minutes. I used the "stop and start" method and it helped me a lot. However, I don’t get a tight erection. Please help.

Answer. The tightness depends on how excited you are. When the time comes, it will make you proud.

Question 3. I am 30 years old and have been masturbating since I was 14. Now I have erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Many friends have told me that I am losing hair because I masturbate too much. How can I overcome erectile dysfunction? Please reply.

Answer. Obviously you have made masturbation a habit. Try your best to restrict it only to when you are sexually excited. Possibly the erectile dysfunction will resolve itself, if you do not masturbate for about 10 days. There is no connection between hair loss and masturbation. Your friends are wrong.

Question 4. What are the causes of fungal infection in the genital area? Is it infectious?

Answer. The infection is caused by a fungus called Taenia. It can be passed on by intense scratching - it passes the fungus to the nail bed from where it travels on. Thus it is often referred to as Dhobi’s itch. It is a persistent infection, so long term therapy with anti-fungal ointment and/or special tablets is advocated.

Que 5. Between the age of 20-25 years, is it ok to watch blue films to educate myself sexually, or should I try to get some practical experience. Also if blue films is the way to go, please tell me where I can get hold of these films.

Ans. Blue films are not the proper source to get sex education as they exaggerate a great deal. And neither is having sexual intercourse. Instead of learning, you can land up with a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted baby on your hands. Get a book like Sex Power by R. H. Dastur.

Question6: My Boyfriend wants Bareback, Should I allow him????

Answer: When it comes to sex, how much are you willing to bare? The decision to bareback is not always easy, especially when the situations and individuals involved change. If you are having anal sex with a steady partner, a regular sex buddy or a number of individuals, chances are you've been faced with the decision of whether to bareback (or have anal sex without a condom) or practice safer sex. That decision can have a lasting effect on your future. Unprotected anal sex can drastically increase your chances of contracting or transmitting HIV and other STDs.

Que :What is the difference of a penis between a normal and gay man?

Answer: whats the difference between the boobs of a lesbian and a STRAIGHT woman.... ?

......Thanx for ur questions & queries, u can ask more questions as comments below, which will be replied in next edition ..... have fun Stay safe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zindagi Live: Gay and unhappy !!!

It was IBN7's best ever attempt & these people actually represent the Gay community.
I don't really think Bobby Darling & Rohit Verma type "over-the-top" "exaggerated" personalities actually represent us, they instead force people to make pre-conceive notions about us!!!
Check out the videos ...

Wanna know more about the hottest guy in town???

Model cum businessman Vikram Saxena's interview will be published soon...
so stay tuned...

Are u sure about ur sexuality ???

Top 10 Myths about Homosexuality !!!

Homophobia is generally an unreasoning loathing of homosexuals, but it is frequently supported by inaccurate statements about homosexuals.

Homosexuality is a behavior
Homosexuality is a matter of identity. People do not choose to be attracted to one gender or another, it just happens. Homosexuals are homosexual whether or not they act on their attraction for members of the same gender.

Homosexuality is a choice, homosexuals recruit
Many homosexuals would choose to be straight to avoid discrimination. The vast majority of homosexuals claim to have had no choice and only begin to accept their own homosexuality after a difficult process known as coming out. There is no evidence that people have ever been able to successfully change their sexual orientation under any circumstances.

Homosexuals are promiscuous and do not value relationships
Homosexuals have the same needs for companionship that heterosexuals have. To the extent that there are significant differences between homosexual and heterosexual pairings they are likely caused by commonplace discrimination against gay people. Polygamy is a separate issue from target gender.

Homosexuals are not good parents
Studies show that children raised by homosexuals are themselves homosexual just as often as children raised by heterosexuals and are less likely to indulge in bigotry and intolerance.

Homosexuals are perverts (anal sex, pedophilia, beastiality)
Studies show that anal sex is much more common among heterosexuals than homosexuals. Criminal records show that pedophilia is dominated mostly by straight men and fixated child molesters. Beastiality is generally uncommon among both homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Homosexuals are disease ridden
Homosexuals are more likely to know about and be motivated to use safe sex practices. Globally AIDS is predominantly a disease of heterosexuals.

Homosexuality is unnatural
Homosexuality is common in nature, particularly in humans and dolphins.

Homosexuality endangers the species
Homosexuals can breed and raise children. As with heterosexual couples who cannot themselves have children they may use surrogate parents, artificial insemination, or adopt. Even if homosexuals choose not to be directly responsible for the raising of their own children they can help others raise children or perform tasks that those who are responsible for the raising of families find it difficult to make time for.

Homosexuality is promoted by the media
Most images of homosexuality in the media are negative. Since homosexuality is not a choice the idea of promotion of homosexuality is meaningless.

Homosexuality is against God
Since homosexuality is a matter of identity rather than choice God must have created homosexuals as well as heterosexuals. By this logic homophobia is against God.

Homosexuals want my body
Unwanted come-ons are a general problem in all sexualities. Come-ons from homosexuals are loathed by some heterosexuals because these heterosexuals hate homosexuals. If "No, thanks" doesn't work then try "You are bothering me." Responding to come-ons from homosexuals with homophobia is ineffective because it gives the aggressor a weapon to use and a reason to use it.

Homosexuals flaunt their sexuality
Humans are sexual beings. It is absurd to ask homosexuals to hide their sexuality because it bothers homophobes. Even the most prudish heterosexuals will show affection for each other in some manner.

Homosexuals complicate same-sex bonding
People should be able to bond with each other without sexualization.

Homosexuals should not have special pride events
Events such as pride parades happen specifically because widespread homophobia has made the daily life of homosexuals a struggle. Homosexuals are not the only group of persons to hold parades to celebrate their individuality or cause.

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